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Network-assisted single-hop device-to-device D2D communication can increase the spectral and energy efficiency of cellular networks by taking advantage of the proximity, reuse, and hop gains when radio resources are properly managed between the cellular and D2D layers. Although previous works investigated beamforming design to improve spectral efficiency, the fundamental question of how to split the antennas at a base station between uplink and downlink in full-duplex networks has not been investigated rigorously. Additionally, greedy CPA provides performance gains only for a fraction of terminals, at the cost of degradation for the rest of the terminals and higher complexity. On multi-cell admission control in CDMA networks. First, we find a closed form formula to calculate the BER under Rayleigh fading for a single subcarrier. Then, by employing a realistic power consumption model for the PAs, we investigate the trade-off between spectral and energy efficiency in such systems.

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In the paper this coupling factor is the ratio between the uplink path gains to different Node-B:

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The admission control takes into account the interference from adjacent cells as a log-normally distributed random variable and employs service class and state-dependent soft blocking in addition to hard blocking. Although dynamic TDD systems can be advantageously deployed in scenarios in which the uplink and downlink traffic demands are asymmetric and time-varying, dynamic TDD systems give rise to base station BS -to-BS interference and user equipment UE -to-UE interference that negatively impact the system performance. The objective of this project is to analyze the performance of selected 5G technology enablers with special emphasize on the constraints and limitations that state of the art and soon available HW components chipsets and real-world HW impairments impose. We investigate the performance of the proposed PC scheme when combined with two RA schemes that differ in terms of the required channel state information. I am also studying radio resource management algorithms for full duplex wireless systems.

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